AgglomerationS SERIES
Temporary interventions at Tiergarten, Berlin 2020
Backlit display cases containing living microorganisms collected from the site's soil, plants, water, and air, together with organisms collected from the artist's body.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic in which social contact became restricted, the series Agglomerations proposes a reconnection with the natural world: not only with what is visible to us but also with all the microscopic beings, such as fungi, mold, and bacteria, invisible to the naked eye. The interventions serve as a kind of magnifying lens revealing the invisible ecosystem of the site, forming a hybrid with the ecosystem of the artist's body. Documented through photographs, the interventions propose a self-reflection, reminding us that, like all beings, we, too, are a part of nature. And through contemplation and self-awareness, we can re-evaluate our roles and worldviews.
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