Bruna Mayer is a visual artist, born in 1986 (Brazil). She is  living and working in Berlin, Germany since January 2018.
Bruna Mayer, artista visual, contemporary art, visual artist, visual artist Brasil Alemanha, Berlin, Germany
December, 2018

Within my artist practice, I develop my work through video, installation and currently, with living micro-organisms to explore the hidden and untamed facets of the self, that consolidate one’s own existence. An attempt to connect with the most intimate parts of one’s self - through the body’s biological and non-physical dimensions - attempting to integrate the being in its entirety. A search for underlying aspects, that might have been neglected or put aside, due to their unsettling characteristics, but that when denied, grow stronger, infiltrating and expanding under the surface. I seek ways to expose these secluded, yet essential aspects, trying to visualize that which we cannot see. 
Along my practice, having worked with water, food, cotton, paint, glue, milk, beeswax, among others, and most recently using the biological growth medium agar, the body is the invariant component connecting all my works. I use the notion of the body to reflect upon opposing topics such as internal and external, the visible and the obscure, desire and repulse. The work emerges through a process of experimentation with the mentioned materials, where I investigate their formal qualities, in search of hidden potentials. An exchange, a give-and-take process between myself and organic materials. Through its visual, temporal and spatial configuration, the work is an invitation for viewers to connect with their most intimate self, and perhaps access neglected inner conditions.  ​​​​​​​

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